Week #2

August 13, 2017

  1. [Inspiration] How Ariel effectively loses weight: Tracking stuff makes it easier to stay on track. Who knew ¯/_(ツ)_/¯. This engineer tracked his morning weight and the previous day’s lifestyle/food/actions, and lost 20 lbs over 16 months. He may have gone overboard by applying Machine Learning to this data, but he gleaned insights through this process. If nothing else, read the section “My Bottom-Line Recipe” (5 minute read).

  2. [Science] What ‘science’ should I believe?: Tired of second-guessing frequent nutrition articles and what practices to adopt? We face the same! Dr. Jason Fung (a Toronto-based nephrologist) breaks down how external influences sway nutritional studies. Sad but true - question the source!

  3. [Recipe] Keto Lava Cake: Quickest way to satisfy your Keto sweet tooth. Takes fifteen minutes from beginning to end, assuming you have the ingredients. Buy them here if you don’t. You’ll still need an egg and heavy cream. We turn to this cake during dessert famines :D

  4. [Science] An apple-a-day keeps insulin (shots) not far away: Not all fruits are created equal. Any “berries” are A-OK. Most fruits are genetically modified to increase color, enhance sugar content and are not what they used to be during hunter-gatherer days. Fruits are heavy in fructose. This converts to glucose, which, in excess, causes obesity and other metabolic disorders like Type-2 Diabetes. Gary Taubes (the anti-sugar renegade) cites this study in his talks and books. It’s 24 pages. If nothing else, read the first paragraph.

  5. [Recipe] Flaxseed Focaccia Bread: Hands down the best keto bread we’ve tried. We suspect it was the lack of psyllium husk. About 20g net carbs in the whole loaf. Slice and toast it before eating. Buy ingredients here. You’ll need to supply your own eggs and water. Get off ye’r bum and bake it today!