Week #6

September 10, 2017

  1. [Resource] Eat fast food on keto (sometimes) (10 min read): While we don’t recommend eating fast food, sometimes it’s inevitable. Find out what’s keto-approved at these 11 fast food chains. Most fast food chains have at least 1-2 items on the menu that are keto friendly.

  2. [Inspiration] Fell off the Wagon? Be Kind to Yourself (15 min read): That chocolate cake derailed your hard-earned keto streak? Is that a good reason to give in and gorge on carbs? Maybe not. While changing behaviors, relapse is common, this article suggests. The key is to keep your larger mission in mind and jump back on to the wagon. It gets easier. We promise.

  3. [Recipe] Skillet Berry Crumble (10 min hands-on | 25 min total): We burnt this while baking. Recipe says broil 5-7 minutes until brown. We suggest watching it while it’s in the oven, since 5 minutes was too much. While not a proper dessert, this was a fantastic snack alternative to nuts/bars.

  4. [Science] Ketogenic Diets - Fad or the Future of Eating? (1 min summary | 25 min article): Ever wondered if a ketogenic diet is only great for weight loss until you reach your goals? Most interesting part of the study: “diet appears to maintain its efficacy in humans when provided continuously for several years”. Remember fat in food does NOT always equal fat in your arteries.

  5. [Inspiration] Eating Fat, Lifting Cows, and Preventing Seizures (13 min read): This guy broke the world record for most weight squatted in a 24 hour period. He also deadlifted 500 lbs after a 7 day fast. Also, he’s helping the Navy Seals, DoD, NASA, and others study the effects of ketosis for specific scenarios. He’s basically Superman. This is an introductory article to keto based on a conversation with him.