Week #7

September 17, 2017

  1. [Resource] How to Maintain Ketosis (6 min read): Whether you maintain ketosis in a cyclical fashion or straight up, be intentional and measure your macros (carbs, proteins, fat). Fasting, intermittently or not, really helps. A woman who lost 100lbs over a year only eats from 6am to noon.

  2. [Inspiration] The Best Way to Eat (5 min read): Avoid dogmatic approaches to eating. Your body knows best. A fluffy read but a good reminder to not jump on the ‘latest and greatest’ bandwagon. Try it out and then listen to your body’s response.

  3. [Science] Carb Restriction more favorable than a Low Fat Diet (2 min abstract | 35 min study): Most revealing part of the study is the last sentence - Low-carbohydrate diets therefore represent an alternative strategy for general health beyond weight regulation. The study was done only with 40 people, however, so take it with a grain of erythritol.

  4. [Resource] The Ultimate Keto Alcohol Guide (7 min read): Best option - don’t drink alcohol - the liver will begin to process the alcohol as soon as possible. Our fat burning processes are disrupted to rid ourselves of that alcohol quickly. It refills our glycogen stores (which we’re trying to get rid of) as we try to enter ketosis. Worth a read as to how alcohol specifically affects ketosis.

  5. [Food] Ketogeek’s Chocolate Fudge Energy Pods: We don’t make these, but we’re big fans. Great for a quick snack. They hit the spot after an intermittent fast.