Week #8

September 24, 2017

  1. [Science-ish] Measuring Ketones, Fat Adaptation vs. Ketosis (23 min read): In explaining why & how to interpret your ketone levels, Amy does a great job of outlining the difference between ketosis and being fat-adapted. Once you establish a correlation between your ketone levels and good things happening to your body and brain, you don’t have to keep testing. Once you know which foods and activities work best for you, stick to them, and check in once in a while. Reason? You are still “burning fat” even if you are not generating high ketones.

  2. [Resource] 6 Keto Techniques for Restaurants (4 min read): Number 4 was enlightening. Learn these magic words “I am on a diabetic style diet”. Much easier than explaining keto to your waiter.

  3. [Inspiration] 100-mile Man Runs on Keto (5 min read): This is for the runners. Zach Bitter holds multiple ultra-marathon world records, He took it easy for the first month of keto because: “I look at it like this - Stress is something you can get from all aspects of life, whether it’s from training or family or work. Drastically switching your diet is also a stressor—at least as your body first tries to learn—so I didn’t want to add another stress”. Now he runs better! So give your body time to adjust.

  4. [Resource] Best Vegetables to Eat on Keto (4 min read): Leafy greens (think spinach, chard) are best, cruciferous (think cabbage & broccoli) second best. It also lists the vegetables to avoid (hint: most starchy vegetables).

  5. [Recipe] Chicken Casserole (10 min hands-on | 45 min cooking): We made it with coconut cream instead of heavy cream, Daiya Cheese instead of regular cheese, and with vegan pesto. Very delicious. Also one of those dishes that are good for a mixed keto/regular meal.