Week #9

October 01, 2017

  1. [Inspiration] Heather’s 30 lb Keto Trip (7 min read): An aspiring carpenter and mother to two boys, she’s making Keto work. Her biggest obstacle? Her toddler has a small appetite and a big heart. He loves sharing his (non-keto) food! Ask her anything at the bottom of the page.

  2. [Inspiration] Conrado’s Conversion from Skeptic to Ketoan (6 min read): Husband to and inspired by Heather, Conrado’s down 26 lbs over 2 months. With new-found energy, keto also had a direct, positive impact on their relationship. Feel free to ask him anything (especially about their ketoproof coffee - sounds delicious).

  3. [Food] What Can a Ketoan Eat at Five Guys? (4 min read): Mr. SkinnyPants goes in-depth on many posts on reddit. We especially liked the section “How to Get Full for Less than $10”. Get a 600+ caloric injection if your order a Double cheeseburger with mayo (no bun) or Double regular hot dog w/ mustard (no bun) at Five Guys.

  4. [Recipe] Earthquake Cake (20 min prep | 45 min cook): A super rich, decadent cake. It takes a little longer to make, but was well worth it. We used pea protein instead of whey protein and Daiya cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese.

  5. [Recipe] Keto Gnocchi (30 min prep | 8 min cook): For the pasta cravers. This recipe manages to hit home with only two main ingredients - mozzarella cheese & egg yolks. Be sure to drop each gnocchi square individually into boiling water to prevent them from sticking. We added some marinara sauce after sautéing and ended up with a delicious lasagna-looking dish.