Week #10

October 08, 2017

  1. [Sponsor] KetoCargo.com: We tested out ketocargo.com last week. They send out three recipes and ingredients for those recipes for $70. You can check if they deliver to your area. We found each recipe was good for 3 servings, so about 9 meals total. With minimal prep times and no pre-planning, this was great for us!

  2. [Inspiration] From 236 to 165 lbs (4 min): “Be kind to yourself. This is a hard journey, and working on the outside is the easy part.” She’s dropped 71lbs over a year, and it hasn’t been easy. Read about her habits and mindset.

  3. [Recipe] Basil, Walnut & Bacon Zucchini Alfredo (2 min prep | 15 min cook): This was one of KetoCargo’s recipes. It was really enjoyable to cook, since we already had all the ingredients. We didn’t use the bacon, and switched out the heavy cream with coconut cream and cheese with a nondairy version. It was unexpectedly creamy and filling!

  4. [Inspiration] Stage 3 Cancer Survivor on Keto (3 min): Dave, a cancer survivor and a truck driver, has been doing keto for less than 2 months and has already seen more than a 30lb difference. His meals and lifestyle aren’t drastically different either. Read about his cheat philosophy.

  5. [Food] 100 Keto Food Items to Buy at Costco (12 min): Ever needed a comprehensive, keto-approved grocery list to use at Costco? Well wait no more! Hannah also includes quick suggestions on how to use the ingredient.