Week #11

October 15, 2017

  1. [Food] 120 Keto Snacks (25 min): Kyran kindly divided this long list into No Prep, Sweet, Savory, Fat Bombs, Bars, Smoothies and Cookies.

  2. [Reminder] A Reminder about Plateaus (2 min): Keep Calm, Keto On. A common refrain within the keto community, it’s a good reminder to keep going even when you hit plateaus (which you WILL). Also, keep in mind the larger picture - WHY you’re doing keto and if it’s still serving your purpose.

  3. [Resource] Configure MyFitnessPal for Keto (20 min): Useful in your first few weeks of keto. You’ll need to do this on your desktop. Install a browser add-on and a script, then you’ll see net carbs! Two drawbacks: 1) It only works on a browser but not on the phone apps and 2) sugar alcohols are counted in net carbs, which some people do, but we don’t.

  4. [Inspiration] Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss on Keto (3 min): This is our cheat, carby article of the week. Whether you like Kim Kardashian or not - you have to admit her family plays their PR cards right. The woman swears by the keto/low-carb lifestyle that keeps her in shape. Whenever someone asks us how mainstream keto is - we point to Kim!

  5. [Inspiration] Angelique’s Keto story - 150lbs over 2 years (5 min): On a roller-coaster of a journey - down 80 lbs, then up 160 lbs, Angelique, an animal rescuer, got her weight turned around on keto. She also has an Instagram account with all her meals.