Week #12

October 22, 2017

  1. [Food] Ultimate Low Carb Grocery List (3 min): Jolene helpfully divides this list into vegetables, dairy, protein and fats. Having these items on a list while shopping is a super helpful reference.

  2. [Resource] 20 Tips for Keto on a Budget (10 min): While most of these tips are common sense, a few still surprised us - 7. some vegetables are cheaper fresh rather than frozen and 14. opt for simpler recipes with less ingredients.

  3. [Food] The Comprehensive Guide to Fast Food on Keto (34 min): With hand-picked dishes at 30+ fast food chains, this guide was a pleasure to peruse. We were excited to see Denny’s and other diners on the list.

  4. [Inspiration] From 100 lbs overweight to Instagram Star (7 min): Never to pass up on a challenge, Kellie started keto as a test of willpower. And she won. Now she helps others get there through her Instagram account and YouTube channel.

  5. [Resource] Keto Calculator (5 min): Besides the usual stuff, you’ll need to know your body fat percentage. DXA scans are one of the most accurate body-fat scans, however there are plenty of handheld scanners out there to get you an estimate.