Week #13

October 29, 2017

  1. [Video] Is Ketosis Dangerous? (15 min): This video does a good job of explaining ketosis with the science. As one commenter put it: “Best and most persuasive explanation of the benefits of Ketosis I’ve seen. Expertly documented.

  2. [Community] Ketogenic Forums (15 min): Ever felt like you’re the only keto-er in your city? Fear not. There are several communities that help you feel at home. We love these forums because the interface is clean, people friendly and the collective knowledge and experience is invaluable. It takes a bit to officially get accepted but it’s worth the wait.

  3. [Resource] Comprehensive No-Carb Food List (4 min): As opposed to ‘low-carb lists’, this is all-you-can-eat! These foods you can eat without worrying about your macros (still need to watch your total calories though).

  4. [Health] Hormones - Helped or Hurt by Keto? (6 min): Given insulin is the key hormone that makes keto effective for weight loss, we wanted to explore other hormones to see how keto affects them. This is a great read if you want to dig deeper into the science of hormones.

  5. [Food] 5 On-The-Go Keto Foods (3 min): Cheese, Pork Rinds, Eggs, Tea and Avocados. They also share a few ideas on how to consume them.