Week #15

November 12, 2017

  1. [Resource] Comprehensive Guide to a Vegan Keto Diet (25 min): Highly useful for the vegans and vegetarians in our community. Starts off with the basics, goes into vegan substitutes for common keto ingredients, and finishes off with a vegan meal plan.

  2. [Video] Low Carb Cauliflower Rice (1 min): Quick video showing how to make cauliflower rice at home. A must try, if you’ve ever missed rice while on keto.

  3. [Resource] How to find your daily carb limit (15 min): In short, 35 grams total carbs and 25 grams net carbs are limits that should work for most people. It also lists influences that can lengthen/shorten your time to reach ketosis.

  4. [Science] High Cholesterol and Keto - Should You Be Concerned? (13 min): The jury is out on whether LDL cholesterol is bad while on a keto diet. If your LDL has significantly increased while on keto and you’re concerned, there’s a few ways to bring it down without stopping low carb entirely. More fatty fish and increased net carbs (up to 95 grams) among them.

  5. [Article] 21 Hidden Sources of Carbs (10 min): Weight loss stalled? Most common reason is not staying within your carb limit. We’re definitely guilty of consuming more than a few of these. Oops.