Week #16

November 19, 2017

Kevin, Christian and Nino shared their stories this week. They’ve done really well, check it out!

  1. [Thanksgiving] A Keto Thanksgiving Feast (3 min): Protip: Take charge early of the Thanksgiving meal situation. Host it yourself or offer to cook at least one dish. The article shares keto substitutes for all parts of the traditional thanksgiving meal.

  2. [Recipe] Low Carb Pumpkin Pie (15 min prep | 45 min cook): A Thanksgiving special! This was decent. However, we recommend cooking the crust for longer and using less erythritol. It was too sweet.

  3. [Science] Time to Debunk the Saturated Fat Myth (9 min): If you don’t want to read the entire thing, the author bottom-lines each of the six sections. The theory goes - Saturated fat raises LDL cholesterol, which lodges in the arteries causing heart disease. There is no correlation between saturated fat and increased LDL and in many studies the opposite has been shown. In addition, saturated fat lowers risk of stroke.

  4. [Reddit] Eating Out on Keto (5 min): There are some real insights in the comments section.

  5. [Video] Multivitamins on Keto (2 min): Vegetables are where you should try to get your vitamins. However, you’ll need some extra vitamins and minerals while on a low carb diet. Dr. Eric Berg goes over which ones.