Week #17

November 26, 2017

Was Thanksgiving easy? Get back on the wagon with these deals on keto foods. We found them useful and thought you might too! These are, however, focused on the US and Canada. If you’re elsewhere and would like to see deals that ship to your country - let us know!

Deals end November 27th (for the most part).

  1. [Cookies] Keto Cookie (15% off): Code - CYBERMONDAY15. They got cookies - chocolate chip, cinnamon snickerdoodle and double chocolate. $5 for shipping.

  2. [Chocolate] ChocZero (15% off): Code - THANKFUL. Free shipping on orders over $35. A lot of chocolate stuff. Low carb and no sugar alcohols. They also carry low carb syrups.

  3. [Baking] Bob’s Red Mill (35% off): Code - FAVORITES. We buy a lot of Bob’s Red Mill almond and coconut flours. They currently have 100s of items on sale - grains, nuts, seeds, etc. Not all are keto-friendly, so check the nutrition information.

  4. [Broth] Kettle and Fire Chicken and Beef Bone Broth (30% off): Code - STOCKUP. Free shipping on 6+ cartons. Perfect for intermittent fasting and light meals.

  5. [Pot] Instant Pot - 3 and 6 quart (On Sale): We bought the 6 quart version a couple years ago for $140, and we use it for almost everything that’s not made on a pan. 3 quart - $52 and 6 quart plus - $120.