Week #18

December 03, 2017

  1. [Post-Thanksgiving] Fell off the wagon? Be kind to yourself (15 min): This one is a repeat but rather relevant after Thanksgiving. Some of us may have let old habits not die hard and partaken in high-carb Thanksgiving revelry. But if you did, fret not. The key is to keep the larger mission in mind and jump back on the wagon. Right now.

  2. [Science] Keto Maintenance and Initiation (14 min): Ever struggled with seeing the right colors on keto sticks despite doing everything right? Go back to the basics to find out what you’re doing wrong. Crisply written article with pinnable visuals.

  3. [Motivation] Biohacking and Keto (11 min): This article chronicles a family on keto and their lifestyle choices. Although there are non-keto items in here, we thought we’d share to let you know that there are other people in the same boat.

  4. [Science] Diabetes and Keto (5 min): Low-carb diets are slowly being considered the de-facto method for diabetes control and is gaining traction with the diabetic populations of the world (375 million people are diabetic in the world). It’s heartening to see that the medical community is doing right by diabetics instead of shoving insulin down their throats to “manage” the condition.

  5. [Tips] 6 Tips for Transitioning to Keto (3 min): We have some new keto-ers joining us this week. Tips one and three are the most important. It’s harder to fall off the wagon if you don’t have non-keto foods laying around. Also, track your carbs strictly when you’re starting off. You’ll see results quicker.