Week #19

December 10, 2017

  1. [Nutrition] Electrolytes for a Keto Lifestyle (3 min): You lose electrolytes on a low carb diet. It’s important to replenish your sodium, magnesium and potassium levels. Have these three products handy. Very simple to implement but critical to long term success on this lifestyle.

  2. [Science] Lose Weight without Exercise (1 min abstract): You read that right - there is a way. Research published as of last month shows that a keto diet minus any exercise is much, much better than a Standard American Diet with exercise across all metabolic disorder (obesity/diabetes) markers.

  3. [Recipe] Keto Bounty Bars (20 min hands-on | 2 hours prep): Awesome fat bomb. If you’re feeling deprived of sweet, go make this. Prep is a little lengthy, but totally worth it.

  4. [Resource] Low Carb Benefits (3 min): A real cool, informative infographic. A handy reminder of the benefits you’re gaining on keto.

  5. [Article] Keto and Anxiety (7 min): A low-carb diet has been shown to have a positive impact on a host of maladies. Now add one more to the list, at least according to this author.