Week #20

December 17, 2017

  1. [Recipe] Snowball Cookies (5 min prep | 15 min cook): These cookies were fantastically nutty. Let them cool before snowballing. We didn’t, and they crumbled. :( These should store for a while.

  2. [Resource] How to win a nutrition argument - and change minds (8 min): You’ve had these discussions. We’ve all had them. Our favorite tactic? Find practical information and spread it to people that will actually benefit from it.

  3. [Video] John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight - Sugar (11 min): If you haven’t seen John Oliver’s show already, you NEED to check it out. With humor and snark, he delivers information right into your brain. He goes over how most foods have sugar and how the sugar industry made this happen.

  4. [Motivation] Not losing weight on low carb? Keep reading. (10 min): Let’s face it - many of us see those great keto weight loss stories and wonder why ketosis is not working for us. Fear not - our bodies are unique and small tweaks or suggestions like the ones in this article can make all the difference (too much protein is always an issue for us!).

  5. [History] Ancient Egyptians and Carbs (3 min): They gave us the pyramids and were considered a progressive civilization for their era. However, further analysis of their teeth and bones reveal that their high carb diets led to a host of metabolic issues. Excessive carbs have always been the culprit whether it’s 2017 AD or BC.