Week #21

December 24, 2017

Check out Rebecca, Tania and Sara’s inspiring journeys. They’ve made huge strides and are still working towards their goal!

  1. [Article] Who needs to avoid Fat Bombs? (5 min): On a low-carb, high-fat diet, you’re encouraged to eat fat. Some have taken this to mean that everything you eat should be fat, giving rise to “Fat Bombs”. Should you join this trend? It depends on your body type!

  2. [Nutrition] Exogenous Ketones - To Ketone or not to Ketone (7 min): Two types of ketones exist - endogenous (created by your body) and exogenous (external supplements). However, these exogenous supplements are not a quick fix to stay in “ketosis”. As the article suggests, the efficacy of these supplements is suspect and you’re better off sticking to real, ketogenic foods and reaping their metabolic benefits.

  3. [Resource] How to Eat Low-Carb at Restaurants (11 min): Order first and order one course at a time. Get the sandwich or burger with lettuce instead of the bun and water with lemon. Send the bread basket back and get raw vegetables with guacamole instead. It has a few other tips.

  4. [Recipe] Cinnamon Roll in a Mug (2 min prep | 1 min cook): Fantastic morning snack with your coffee. Easy to make and tastes (basically) like the real thing!

  5. [Research] Dual Studies suggest Keto improves Lifespan and Memory (4 min): The experiments were done on mice and remember this is a nascent field of study. It’s also hard to boil the human diet into simple generalizations. Still, a good sign.