Week #22

December 31, 2017

  1. [Resource] Making New Years Resolutions Stick (4 min): We all start the year with the best of intentions but run out steam by January 31st. This little guide helps put a framework around your resolutions. The most important one is to be kind to yourself when you fall off the wagon and get back on it without much pity or self-hate. It is only human to fail; greatness lies in getting back up.

  2. [Science] How Keto Curbs Inflammation in the Brain (4 min): A team at UCSF found keto to help curb inflammation in the brain after an injury. Still more research to be done, but early findings are extremely promising.

  3. [Recipe] Low Carb Pizza (10 min prep | 30 min cook): We made it with Rao’s tomato sauce instead of white sauce and recommend cooking the crust longer. Broil for a few minutes after. We used Daiya cheese and Kite Hill cream cheese. Truly delicious.

  4. [Cool] Keto Reader (2 min): Someone is working on a biometric device that’ll track keto relevant biomarkers. Not sure when this will make it to market, but something to keep an eye on. This could drastically change how people are initiated into a ketogenic lifestyle.

  5. [Food] 59 Keto Snacks (9 min): Helpfully broken up into snacks you can buy and snacks you can make.