Week #24

January 14, 2018

  1. [Resource] Keto Friendly Substitutes (2 min): Quick, visual overview of substitutes you can use for your low carb meals.

  2. [Interview] Nutritional Ketosis Q&A with Dr. Stephen Phinney (18 min): One of the foremost researchers in low-carb, Dr. Phinney did a Facebook Live session to answer a wide variety of questions from his readers. We found the read extremely enlightening. Especially questions about cholesterol.

  3. [Article] Painlessly Transition to Keto (6 min): “Dieting doesn’t make you lose weight, preparation does.” This article breaks it down and helps you get prepared in fifteen steps.

  4. [Resource] How to Win an Argument with a Nutritionist (10 min): Handy list of major scientific studies that counter 14 myths we hear about in nutrition ALL. THE. TIME.

  5. [Tips] 13 Tips for Losing Weight on Keto (9 min): This list is especially useful if you’ve hit a plateau. Personally, we’re going to try out a few of these to get past our current stall.