Week #25

January 21, 2018

  1. [Recipe] 90-second Bread (2 min): Fastest bread in the west! And maybe the east too. We love this bread because you can make it while waiting for your eggs to cook.

  2. [Recipe] Flaxseed Focaccia Bread (30 min): This is one of the few low carb breads without any coconut or almond flour. And the olive oil and Italian seasoning makes it smell sooo good.

  3. [Recipe] Molten Lava Cake (15 min): You can also microwave for a couple minutes instead of using the oven. We prefer baking. There’s something magical about a freshly baked dessert.

  4. [Recipe] Soul Bread (55 min): Let’s face it, most keto bread we try tastes cakey and eggy. This one doesn’t. We substituted some of the ingredients (heavy cream, splenda, cream cheese and whey protein). There’s also a robust discussion on reddit with suggested tweaks and the authors seemed to have tried many recipes to get to this bread substitute.

  5. [Recipe] Flourless, Chewy, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (20 min): So soft and chewy. We used 2 cups of Erythritol/Swerve, but you could use even less since it was still too sweet.