Week #26

January 28, 2018

Check out our two new stories. Ian, a computer programmer and a self-taught blacksmith, started at 350 lbs and has lost 100+ lbs in less than a year. Holly, a mother of two, works at a children’s hospital and is a military wife. She’s about half way through her weight loss journey and going strong.

  1. [Food] 20 Keto-approved Valentine Day Meals (5 min): Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this is the set of recipes you were looking for (assuming your better half also follows a low-carb lifestyle).

  2. [Food] 5 grain-free granolas for a Keto snack (1 min): I miss granola. This was good to see. Good with some almond or coconut milk. The Cinna-yum Vanilla one looks especially appealing.

  3. [Food] Not ALL Carbs are the Enemy (3 min): A few good carbs here. Your 20 grams daily allowance? Spend it on these. Sprouted grain bread and quinoa are our recommendations.

  4. [Science] Keto’s Unexpected Emotional Benefit (6 min): A University of Tasmania study showed that a ketogenic diet reduces anxiety. Although it’s not completely clear if it was just the absence of sugar (which is known to cause all sorts of mood disorders) or the keto diet, which caused this positive change.

  5. [Exercise] The Best Way to Work Out on Keto (5 min): “If you’re working out at a level four or below on a scale of 1–10, your body will burn fat. But if you’re working out at a five to seven, or above, on a consistent basis, it’s going to take time for you to feel comfortable working out at that level in ketosis” -Dr. Peter Attia.