Week #28

February 11, 2018

  1. [Food] Best Snacks 2018 (10 min): We haven’t tried the snacks listed here, but the Keto-Crave bars (5 grams net carb) and the Just The Cheese bars (1 gram net carb) sound the most appealing.

  2. [Recipe] Pizza Rolls (15 min prep | 30 min cook): These are delightfully sinful. Make sure they aren’t too crispy and you’ll have a worthy competitor for the traditional pizza rolls! We used store bought marinara sauce - worked out great.

  3. [Science] UA Develops Database to Warn of Possible Drug Interactions on Ketogenic Diets (3 min): The headline says it all. Ketogenic diets are being considered as the regimen for a variety of maladies. This is an important question to answer - does the diet play well with other treatments?

  4. [Health] Ketogenic Diet Could Delay the Effects of Aging (3 min): Researchers from the Gladstone Institute have discovered that a ketogenic diet that is low in carbohydrates and calories could help delay and/or reverse the effects of aging.

  5. [Resource] Everything You Can Do To Prevent Keto Flu (6 min): Keto flu is an initiation period that happens as your body adjusts to the lower carb intake. Bone broth, electrolytes, salt, coconut or MCT Oil. Appropriate quantities of these will help you through the flu.