Week #31

March 04, 2018

  1. [Video] Keep Yourself in Ketosis (43 min): Dr. David Perlmutter interviews Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, who we’ve written about before. They talk about how a low-carb diet is beneficial for brain cells and brain health. It’s science-y.

  2. [Article] Is it Possible to Follow a Vegetarian Keto Diet? (6 min): Sharon, an Registered Dietician Nutritionist, says while a vegetarian and keto diet essentially contradict each other, it IS possible to follow a vegetarian, low-carb diet. But only IF you keep possible pitfalls in mind. It has a list of vegetarian foods addressing those pitfalls and a sample meal plan.

  3. [Article] How to Safely & Effectively Come Off the Keto Diet (6 min): Sometimes life gets in the way. Some are only doing this short term. Whatever the reason, coming off of keto should be done intentionally and slowly. Start off with and stick to unprocessed carbs. Calibrate your portion size. Expect to feel a little bloating and hungrier than normal.

  4. [Food] How to Eat Out on Keto: Mexican (3 min): For the most bang-for-your-buck, go with the fajitas, without the rice, beans and tortillas. Or with the taco salad. Just don’t eat the shell.

  5. [Recipe] Key Lime Mousse (20 min prep | Refrigerate Overnight): We didn’t have any key limes at hand, but it worked great with regular limes. We skipped the whipped cream layer on top because the key lime mousse layer felt rich enough to eat on its own. Plus, we made our own lime zest by grating the lime skins finely - took time but was worth it!