Week #32

March 11, 2018

  1. [News] Ancient Nutrition raises $103M to sell Ketogenic Products (3 min): As keto gains steam, expect to see this more. You’re going to be bombarded with ads and content, pushing you to buy stuff with promises of increased performance/gains/weight loss etc. This does not mean you need every new product on the market. Stick with the basics, eat wholesome food and you’ll be fine.

  2. [Tool] Keto Dinner Idea Generator (2 min): This fun dinner idea generator provides a protein source with two sides of veggies. Scroll through to see all combinations. Use it when decision fatigue kicks in!

  3. [Exercise] Things to Know While Working Out (5 min): Eat enough. First few weeks are not going to feel good. Maybe wait till after. You could burn more fat during aerobic exercise. You might need to rethink your HIIT workouts. Listen to your body.

  4. [Recipe] Thai Curry (25 min): Similar to the recipe found on the Mae Ploy curry paste box. We substituted erythritol for sugar and tofu for chicken. The end result was delightful and reminded us of our local Thai restaurants. Fresh ingredients are miles above curry pastes but for time-starved folks like us, this’ll do. :)

  5. [Article] Cheat Meals - A New Perspective (10 min): In the same way eating one healthy meal doesn’t negate a lifetime of eating garbage, one garbage meal doesn’t negate months/years of low carb. Ketosis is an ephemeral state. It takes very little to make it disappear. Fat-adapted is a much hardier state and less easily measured. It takes work to undo it. And you can be in one with or without the other.