Week #33

March 18, 2018

  1. [Resource] Complete Guide to Low Carb Beverages (25 min): This is helpfully broken up into sections like Water, Coffee & Tea, Diet Soda, Juice Alternatives, Drinks to Avoid, Alcohol, among others. Helpful resource to refer to.

  2. [News] Dr. Lustig on Processed Foods, Low Carb, and Red Meat (4 min): Lustig, M.D., MSL is a professor emeritus of pediatrics (UCSF), who spent years arguing that sugar causes health problems unrelated to its calories and unrelated to the attendant weight gain, and that it’s possible to be overweight or even obese and healthy.

  3. [Science] 3-Month Effects on CrossFit Trainees on a Keto Diet (24 min): Preliminary data suggest that adopting a ketogenic diet causes marked reductions in obesity while not impacting performance measures in recreationally-trained CrossFit trainees. LDL cholesterol increased ~35% in this group and needs further investigation.

  4. [Food] Printable Low Carb Food List (2 min): Handy low carb food list with net carb amounts right there. Put it on your refrigerator.

  5. [Resource] How to Stay Low Carb Without Cooking (3 min): If you can, it’s better to cook whole, real foods that are low in carbs. But we get it, sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you need a shortcut. This has a few.