Week #34

March 25, 2018

  1. [Cool] Keto Swap (2 min): Haven’t we all had that craving for mac and cheese? Here is a handy tool that shows the most common high-carb cravings and its corresponding keto substitutes.

  2. [Inspiration] How a Trainer eats Keto everyday and why she’ll never go back (6 min): Kirsty says she was “fortunate enough to be born with celiac disease”, because it prompted her to explore this way of eating. While she admits that her way of eating isn’t for everyone, we can be inspired to figure out what works for us.

  3. [Recipe] Avocado Brownies (10 min prep | 30 min total): This brownie recipe tastes yummy, especially if you like peanut butter. It tasted even better after refrigerating overnight. The recipe calls for coconut sugar, which we substituted with erythritol (if you’re looking for a substitute chart, here is one; coconut sugar is the same quantity as regular sugar)

  4. [Product] Keto Chow (3 min): The name might sound gimmicky; yet this is just the tip of the keto-innovation iceberg. As more people subscribe to this lifestyle and crave convenience, products like these will make their way to the market. We haven’t tried the “chow” yet but hope to soon.

  5. [Resource] Eating Low Carb at restaurants (7 min): It’s easy to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out hidden carbs in dishes. Fortunately, it gets better with practice. Most of the dishes here are great suggestions on how to maintain ketosis at restaurants.