Week #35

April 01, 2018

  1. [Food] Monkfruit vs Erythritol (7 min): Monkfruit is fruit found in China. It’s not exported due to regulatory reasons and the fact that it rots quickly. But it can be ground down into a powder. It’s far sweeter (300-400x) than sugar or Erythritol, so it’ll affect your baking more than anything. But it does have a bunch of other positive side effects – anti-inflammatory & cooling, anti-carcinogenic, helps fight fatigue etc.

  2. [Cool] Nutrient Optimiser (10 min): Using machine learning/AI and information about you (current situation, goals etc.), they create a personalized micro-nutrient fingerprint and a personalized report to help identify your optimal diet. Fun fact, this was started by Marty Kendall to help manage his wife’s Type 1 diabetes.

  3. [Resource] Optimal Foods For You (25 min): The author has created detailed food lists that fall into four categories - (1) foods to boost metabolic health, (2) foods to boost specific nutrients associated with common health conditions, (3) foods that take into account ethical/religious considerations and (4) foods for macronutrient and micronutrient extremes. This website is also by Marty Kendall. He writes in-depth, actionable content consistently and we recommend checking it out regularly.

  4. [Science] Predict your future (10 min): Dr. Joseph Kraft came up with a simple test to predict whether you’re on track to be diabetic decades ahead of an actual prognosis. Which field of study can predict the future? Search for Kraft Insulin Assay test and get one for yourself.

  5. [News] Tomb Raider Gets Ready with Keto (2 min): A fluff piece to end this letter :)