Week #36

April 08, 2018

  1. [Resource] How to Maximize Nutrient Density (5 min): Poorly defined macronutrient ratios (fat, protein, carbs) can be detrimental to your micronutrients. If you are eating minimally processed whole foods with plenty of the essential micronutrients, you’ll likely be getting more than enough of all the other beneficial nutrients. And if you focus on the foods you SHOULD be eating, your craving for other foods will tend to dissipate. The author created a nutrient optimizer to help you focus on these foods.

  2. [Science] Is “Too much protein” a thing? (15 min): Our takeaway was that it’s very hard to over-consume protein, since its very satiating. If you follow your appetite and focus on foods that are high in essential vitamins and minerals (see article above), you’re protein intake should be fine. All backed up by research.

  3. [News] Virta Health raises $45M to Expand Low Carb Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes (0.5 min): The title says it all. Virta Health has been at the forefront of this movement for a while, and this is another big step forward!

  4. [Event] Keto Edge Summit by Dr. Jockers (1 week): This is a virtual (online) summit featuring talks by low-carb experts from May 7 to May 13. They’re also offering several gifts for signing up.

  5. [Cheat Sheet] The Most Nutrient Dense Foods (1 min): Overlap this cheat sheet with your low-carb cheat sheet to find out which foods are the most nutrient dense AND low-carb. Now we just need a cheat sheet that tells us which cheat sheet to refer to.