Week #38

April 22, 2018

  1. [Food] 7-Day Meal Plan and Shopping List Included (4 min): 21 meals for 7 days. Daily net carb intake < 20. The shopping list is helpfully divided into different grocery sections. Now we just need someone to show up in our kitchen and cook it all for us. :)

  2. [Interview] The Man Who Hated Carbs Before It Was Cool (19 min): Sixteen years ago, Gary Taubes wrote a controversial feature article in the New York Times claiming that decades-worth of government approved nutritional guidelines were flat out wrong. Back then, he was flayed for it. Today, his work is featured everywhere. In this interview, he talks about food, science and the politics of both.

  3. [Science] Insulin Resistance vs. Insulin Sensitivity (28 min): If you’re insulin sensitive, you put on muscle and fat more effectively. Once you reach your Personal Fat Threshold, you can no longer store fat in fat cells, and it gets stuffed into more sensitive areas like your liver, brain, heart and pancreas. For diabetics, reducing carbs can help with fat storage and excess insulin. For others, focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods and maintaining an energy deficit will be more helpful in improving insulin resistance.

  4. [Resource] Low Carb Guide For Dieticians (7 min): Conveniently compiled, this article shows the mounting body of evidence that dietitians can’t afford to ignore. While most of us are not dietitians, it has resources we can helpfully supply to our near-and-dear ones considering low-carb. It also has a few links at the bottom where you can find low carb dietitians.

  5. [Inspiration] Thinking of Quitting Keto? (2 min): Although they’re confusing ketosis with fat adaptation, the logic is sound. It takes four to six months to be fully fat adapted and then you’re able to enjoy (little) amounts of carbs without worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis.