Week #39

April 29, 2018

  1. [Tanzania] Company Launches Keto Coffee and Supports Economic Growth in Developing Countries (3 min): 449 Foods sources coffee beans from Tanzania and one dollar from each sale is pledged back to the communities from which ingredients are sourced. This goes toward education, health and wellness initiatives.

  2. [World] How to Stay in Ketosis in Every Cuisine (13 min): French, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese. One recipe + ingredient list from each of these places.

  3. [South Africa] Township Tastes Fat Loaded Diet (4 min): Income inequality often results in communities resorting to low-cost, carb, salt and sugar laden foods for a quick fix (think soda, crackers, chips, bread). Tim Noakes’ foundation in South Africa is doing a fabulous job of improving health outcomes in poorer neighborhoods where one in four are obese and diabetic.

  4. [Sweden] Nordic Nation Rejects Low Fat Dogma In Favor of LCHF Nutrition (6 min): Other than this being a fringe diet at best, low-carb and keto proponents haven’t made a public policy level impact yet. Until this happened. Hope other countries follow suit!

  5. [India] This Is A Lifestyle (on a vegetarian diet) (9 min): Jaydeep Bhuta lost 135 pounds in one year on a vegetarian keto diet. He used these gains to make a career change and is now a full-time nutritional consultant dropping his low carb knowledge. Here’s his story!