Week #41

May 13, 2018

  1. [Science] Solution for Long Term Keto Weight Loss (29 min): Although the sample size was slightly small for this study (about 20 obese individuals), the results seem impressive. No changes in metabolic rate even though calories were restricted and muscle mass was maintained throughout the weight loss - a big win.

  2. [Food] Plants + Keto = <3 (8 min): Dom D’Agostino and his team have put together this exhaustive list for a keto diet on plant-based foods. Super handy cheat sheet if you’re vegan and want to try out keto.

  3. [Health] Cancer Survivor (10 min): Nasha Winters has managed to long outlive a deadly cancer prognosis by 25 years (and counting) using the ketogenic diet as a tool in her arsenal. Read this article for her distilled thoughts on a wide range of topics.

  4. [Resource] Calculator (2 min): We’ve recommended one calculator before but this one is equally good. Just plug and play to see what your efforts are getting you. We realized we’re consuming way too many calories most days for effective fat loss!

  5. [Article] Processed Food is an Experiment that Failed (5 min): As we know, weight loss can be easy for some and an arduous journey for others. Our key takeaway was that no matter what strategy you deploy - “eat real food” and go easy on highly processed foods.