Week #43

May 27, 2018

  1. [Food] 5 Restaurants That Make it Easy to Go Keto (3 min): Chipotle, Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway, & McDonald’s. Use only when needed - you’re better off preparing your own meals.

  2. [Resource] What to Eat and When to Reduce Insulin (8 min): High insulin leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to higher insulin, which in turn drive weight gain and obesity. Eat in a time restricted period. To lose more weight, increase fasting time. What to eat is pretty well covered (lower carb, higher fat, whole foods).

  3. [Science] Can an LCHF Diet Help With ADHD and Autism? (15 min): Short answer, maybe. There are promising studies and anecdotes like this one that suggest it may be a possible solution.

  4. [Resource] 5 Tips for Keto (10 min): One, track what you eat. Two, plan your meals ahead. Three, have a proper sleep schedule. Four, find people that can support you. Five, reward yourself. They talk about how to setup MyFitnessPal to help put some of these tips into action.

  5. [News] University of Twitter? Scientists Critique Nutrition Research (6 min): Dr. Vinay Prasad went on a “tweetorial” to explain why much of nutritional research e.g. the studies you hear quoted on TV and other media results in deeply flawed conclusions. He put it in stronger words though.