Week #45

June 10, 2018

  1. [Food] 8 Breakfast Ideas (3 min): Sick of eggs for breakfast? We’re not there yet, but these seem yummy. We’ll be trying out the Ground Chia Seed Pudding and the 3-Ingredient Muffin next.

  2. [Article] The Two Ways - Easy & Cheap or Processed & Expensive? (8 min): One person’s discovery that she’s happiest sticking to whole, natural foods rather than trying to recreate “normal” meals & treats with packaged supplements and processed foods. It definitely struck a chord with us.

  3. [News] Keto Zone offers Meals To Go (2 min): Les Kiser, 57, lost 85 pounds on keto. Inspired and drawing from his thirty years of restaurant experience, he decided to open his own low-carb, diabetic-friendly eatery in Mansfield, Ohio. Currently, The Keto Zone only offers meals to go.

  4. [Resource] Optimizing Macros for Fat Loss with Less Hunger (5 min): They analyzed a data-set of 10K food diaries over 400K days to figure out what worked for fat loss without (or less) hunger. Turns out, prioritizing protein helps lose weight while satiating hunger. According to the data, just high fat + low carb made it more likely to overconsume calories.

  5. [Food] Starbucks’ Pink Drink (2 min): Passion Tango Iced Tea, Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (or Stevia from home), and Heavy Cream. You won’t see this one on the menu, but they’ll make it. It looks a little disgusting but we think it tastes pretty good :)