Week #47

June 24, 2018

  1. [Recipe] Walnut Scones (40 min): We’ve found several great recipes on this website, and this is another. We skipped the maple glaze, but they were wonderful snacks for tea/coffee.

  2. [Article] Don’t Eat for Winter (9 min): If you want to avoid obesity and overeating, then an excellent place to start is to stay away from low nutrient density foods that are low in protein and have a mixture of fat and carbs.

  3. [Video] Why More Protein is Good (2 min): Dr. Ted Naiman (also referenced in the post above), sits down with Dr. Eenfeldt and explains his viewpoint in depth, and how he believes that people should plan their protein intake.

  4. [Article] Is Constant Ketosis Necessary or Desirable? (8 min): Mark Sisson, a long-time fitness expert, believes that there are specific cases where being in ketosis constantly is beneficial, e.g. epilepsy. However, Mark’s hunch is that for most healthy people it’s more preferable to dip into ketosis regularly through fasting and low-carb cycles. He backs it up with some science, but admits it’s more based on his experience in fitness (which is considerable) rather than a prescription.

  5. [Food] Quest Protein Cookies (1 min): Soft cookies (5g net carbs) with huge chocolate chunks (we tried the chocolate chip cookie) that are keto friendly. You wouldn’t guess where we first found this product - a local 7-11. So methinks you can find these anywhere. :)