Week #49

July 08, 2018

  1. [Food] 50 Healthy Keto Snacks (18 min): Helpfully broken down into “Ready to eat” and “Homemade” sections. These sections are further broken down into “Mostly Fat”, “Fat and Protein” and “Low Calorie” snacks. Very handy.

  2. [Article] How Many Times Should You Eat a Day? (5 min): Another data-driven study by Marty concludes that your best bet at reducing energy consumption throughout the day is to consume your calories at breakfast and lunch while using intermittent fasting to help you along.

  3. [Industry] The Collapse of a $40 Million Nutrition Science Crusade (12 min): This article highlights why we often get conflicting reports out of the nutrition community on what is healthy - doing randomized controlled trials and finding causal relationships can be highly subjective. Our advice - try out different approaches and follow what your body responds well to.

  4. [News] In Pursuit of Healthy Aging (3 min): A study published in Cell Metabolism, sheds light on the basic biology involved in cells’ declining ability to process energy over time, which leads to aging and age-related disease, and how interventions such as periods of fasting might promote healthy aging

  5. [Food] Five Nigerian Recipes (6 min): Cabbage moi-moi, Fish moi-moi, Okra soup, Butternut squash porridge and Almond puff buns. A little something different :)