Week #50

July 15, 2018

  1. [Article] Does Tim Ferriss’ 30g of Protein at Breakfast Work? (3 min): Another data-driven article from Marty. After analyzing 500K days of logged data, they found that satiety improves with increased protein at breakfast. A low protein intake at breakfast increases your chance of overeating. The minimum effective dose of protein appears to be 11% of your daily calories. Approximately 45 grams for women and 55 grams for men.

  2. [Article] Why Does Blood Sugar Rise During a Fast? (And Other Questions) (2 min): Insulin levels start to drop and this triggers a surge of counter-regulatory hormones. This is normal, and meant to pull some of the stored sugar from the liver into the blood. If your liver is full of sugar, it may release lots of sugar into the blood, causing the blood sugar to rise.

  3. [Science] Keto Diet Improves Response to Cancer Drug in Mice (5 min): The study shows how a combination of the ketogenic diet with a type of cancer drug called a PI3K inhibitor strongly improves the effect of the drug in mouse models of cancer. The drug, on it’s own, makes cancer worse for insulin resistant patients (e.g. diabetics).

  4. [Food] Best Foods to Burn Fat Efficiently (10 min): Mostly similar to other food lists. One new item: Glucomannan Powder which comes from the wild Konjac root, a yam-like plant. But 0 net carbs and can be used as a flour. You may find other new items as well.

  5. [Training] LCHF/Keto Nutrition and Treatment Training (25 hours): While this course is meant for Registered Nurses, Dietitians, Nutritionists etc. it dives deep into how low-carb diets can be used as a tool in a variety of situations – diabetes, athletics, PCOS, Epilepsy, Mental Health and more. Worth considering for the extra motivated among us.