Week #54

August 19, 2018

  1. [Recipe] Coffee Ice Cream (2 hours): A little lengthy to make, but worth it.

  2. [Resource] Keto Delivered ($40/month): Small batch (5-7 items) of keto food delivered every month. Great for personal use or as a gift.

  3. [Recipe] Raspberry Ice Cream (4-5 hours): If you’re craving something fruitier, this is simpler to make than the coffee ice cream with less ingredients.

  4. [News] Lake Charles, LA goes keto (5 min): Restaurants in this small city in Louisiana are adding keto-friendly menu options since the community is seeing so much good from this way of eating.

  5. [Article] What is Keto Cycling and should you try it? (5 min): There’s no agreed upon definition but the general gist is five to six days of strict low-carb, then one to two days of higher carbs. There’s no clear indication this works and studies are very early.