Christian K.

Nov 15, 2017

Get to know him!

Keto Before and After | Weight Loss | Christian K.
             6 ft 2 in height
            30 years old
           Keto-ing for 6 months
          Started at 272.5 lbs
            Lost 75.5 lbs so far
            Wants to hit 176 lbs
            Prefers a "Meat Lover" diet

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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am an apprentice for software programming, have a wonderful girlfriend and a passionate gamer.

Habits & Mindset

What motivated you to try keto?

It all started in January this year. I got on a scale and I saw that I was over 120kg. For most of my life I did sports (table tennis and soccer), but then injured my knee playing soccer and had to stop. But I kept eating as much as I did when I exerciced 3 times a week. So I gained a lot of weight. What really pushed me to start doing keto was a colleague of mine at work who started keto in January and I saw him losing weight so I was curious.

How often do you cheat on keto?

I never cheat on keto - never have and never will. I was too afraid of losing focus or afraid I would stop doing it if I ever cheated and honestly, there is no reason at all to cheat on Keto.

How do you get (back) into ketosis?

I just read up on stuff you can eat while being on Keto and I switched from one day to the other.

Do you track your weight/ketones/blood glucose/macros or anything else?

I used an app called iddb to track my macros and my weight. You can use whatever app you want. Just make sure to use a macro calculator and really stick with the macros it gives you!

How supportive were your friends & family when you started?

Oh I couldn’t have done it without my girlfriend! I asked her if she would be willing to do Keto with me and she was very supportive and helpful. She even looks up new recipes every day so we can change it up and not only eat our staples :)

Has your weight loss ever stalled?

Yeah it has, quite often to be honest. Just don’t freak out about it. For me it was always 1-2 days a week where my weight stalled and then it dropped quite fast until it stalled for a few days again. It’s a process, and as Joel Embiid says: ‘Trust the Process’!

What other benefits have you noticed?

I feel more awake in the morning and don’t get as full and tired as I used to get from eating carbs. And I don’t have cravings as much as I had before. Although I have a big sweet tooth… :D

Did you encounter any obstacles to pursuing keto?

In the beginning I was a little bit afraid that I couldn’t afford all the meat and coconut oil and stuff but if you plan ahead and shop seasonal ingredients and stuff like frozen broccoli it’s actually very affordable.

Have you had any side effects to keto?

In the beginning I had the Keto flu and of course some digestive problems but they went away quick. Make sure you get enough minerals and fiber and your body will adapt really quickly.

Food & Fun

What’s your typical day of eating look like?

Well my ‘day’ of eating is short: I eat every day around 4pm, cook fresh at home for myself and my girlfriend (well she cooks more at the moment but we always try to do it together). I have one meal which keeps me full for the next 24h. Try to get as much liquid as possible, it helps out as well!

What’s your favorite home-cooked keto meal?

Oh my favorite must be bunless burgers and the keto-connect (check out their Youtube Channel, it is fantastic) lasagna. I could eat those every day!!

What’s your favorite restaurant meal?

If we go out to a restaurant we always try to stick with Salads and Steaks or some other form of protein. Nothing really specific though.

What’s your biggest non-keto temptation?

Sweet stuff! I really like sweet dishes but some of those might be possible with fathead dough. I never tried though because we have our sweet staples like cheesecake cupcakes, a MINDBLOWING chocolate silk pie and keto-bounty :)

Anything else you’d like your readers to know?

In the beginning you might think it’s not going to work or people might try to talk you into believeing that it is unhealthy or whatever. I never experienced any health problems and it really changed my life because I don’t think I could have stuck to another diet for 6 months. Not even for one. And if you can find someone who does Keto with you it is even better. Not as a competition but as mental support and you can cook together and go out together!